a preacher of the gospel.

Pastor Jose Vargas is a husband, minister, father, grandfather and veteran. He served our country from 1991-1999. His military background and zeal for the things of God empower him to reach the lost, no matter the cost. Born the son of a minister in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Jose decided to give his life to God at the age of nine. Living for God was short lived, when he experienced the pain of losing his father at age 16. His faith was shaken and he turned on God. Running from the things of God he pursued his own life plans. For the next eight years his life would be full of alcohol, drugs and promiscuity.

Vargas joined the military at the age of 18. During his service he met Angela Brown. On February 5, 1994 Jose married Angela. Their marriage hit instant turmoil, which would lead them down a path for divorce. However, in April of 1997 both Jose and Angela’s lives would soon change forever. They had an encounter with God! Jose rededicated his life to Christ, and Angela accepted Jesus as her Lord and savior right there on that military base in Hawaii. From that day forward Pastor Jose picked up the mantel left to him by his father. He was ordained in May 2005 into the ministry of Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship. 

In July 2006, Pastors Jose and Angela Vargas were asked to be "campus" pastors for Praise Chapel Kansas City's “East Campus” in Lee's Summit, MO. These were the requests of their senior pastors, Kelly and Esther Lohrke. During this time God used them to minister to the sick and encourage the people of Lee's Summit. In addition to being campus pastors, Jose served as an evangelist for many years. During this time, he ministered to many different people locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Jose and Angela Vargas served as honest evangelists in the Praise Chapel ministry for nearly nine years. During their ninth year of service, they received yet another request from God, and their senior pastors. In November 2014, the request was made for them to take over a pioneer work in the city of Independence, MO. Thus began a phenomenal move of God! Not knowing where this journey would take them, they decided to answer the call of God, and accept the position. Together, they vowed to keep their faith in their pastors, and honor the works of the Lord.  For eight months, they worked diligently ministering to the hurting and often neglected people of Independence.

In July 2015, their ministry would take yet another turn. Jose and Angela were asked to merge their current congregation in Independence with the congregation in Lee's Summit, MO. On July 12, 2015, the merge was made official with the laying on of hands by their senior pastors. And thus marks the beginning of what is now known as Praise Chapel Lee's Summit!

Jose Vargas served as senior Pastor of Praise Chapel Lee's Summit, located in Lee's Summit, MO until once again his ministry would take another turn as they were called once again by God to become Full Time Evangelist and move to Atlanta, GA.

Pastor Jose and Angela Vargas now live in the Atlanta area with their youngest daughter and are spreading the love of Christ to those that are in need.

Pastor Angela Vargas is a phenomenal woman of God. She serves God alongside her husband with grace, commitment, and passion! Jose and Angela are proud parents, and grandparents.  They have three lovely children, and one grandchild. Their children’s names are Kianna, Jose Jr., and Marisol, and their grandson’s name is Josiah. First and foremost, the Vargas family is committed to reaching and spreading God’s blessings to the lost individuals. Mark 16:15 states “And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.” And that’s what they plan to do! Together, they plan to build a community of Christ! Most of all, they want to meet the needs of the community and the world.